Bengals are a domestic cat. Originally, other breeds of cats were bred to an Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), which is a small wild cat. Generations 1-4 are denoted by F1-4 which stands for filial, or foundation generation. All of our Bengals are SBT, which stands for Stud Book Tradition, meaning that they are a minimum of five(often many more!) generations away from the ALC.

Bengals are a VERY social breed. They get along well with dogs, kids, and other cats. We find that they actually prefer the company of dogs to other cats and that kids are a special favorite. Our daughter will often be caught carting around a cat or kitten under her arm or dragging Nova across the floor by his tail since he's too big to pick up.

Unlike most other breeds, Bengals like water. They will often play in the shower or sink. Our Dolly(retired Queen adopted from Bengaland) learned how to turn on the sink and play in the water stream.

If you want a cat that wants to be with you, this is it. Bengals are happiest when someone is home to play with them. They like to pounce you in the middle of the night, join you in the bathtub, and cuddle in bed. They love height, so always be prepared to be dive-bombed!

In all seriousness, Bengals are a gentle, loving breed. They are people-oriented and are great for families with other animals or children. We highly recommend them for almost all households. They are adaptable, social, loving and active.