Medoz Firecracker of High Caliber

Jubilee joined us in February of 2015 from Donna at Medoz Bengals. Jubilee is a silver girl, very sweet, with a long, muscular body and excellent boning. Jubilee had one litter in April 2016 and will be bred again Spring of 2017. The kittens in her first litter were phenomenal and we kept one of the females as our next show and breeding girl.

RW Medoz Pearl Jam of HighCaliber

Pearl was born in November 2015. She is a Regional Winning kitten in the Mid-Atlantic TICA region in both 2015 and 2016. She has amazing horizontal flow, an amazing head, and a long, muscular body. She is highly contrasted with a creamy background and intense black rosettes. Her spots continue down even onto her tail and her feet. Pearl will be one to watch for show/breeding kittens.

HighCaliber Harley Quinn

Harley was born at our house in April 2016. Harley is a compact, muscular cat with heavy bone and a short, fat tail. She has high contrast rosettes and a darker coat color. Harley carries for charcoal and produces very contrasted, gorgeous kittens. She has a very nice head type and a strong chin. 

Medoz Nuisance of HighCaliber

Nuisance is joining us from Donna Syverson at Medoz Bengals. She is a homozygous silver spotted female. Nuisance was named due to her insistence that she be held and petted every waking moment. She is a small, muscular girl with an incredibly short and fat tail. She has a correct profile, strong chin and very good ear set. We expect to keep kittens out of Nuisance.

HighCaliber Can't Touch This

Rogue is a home-grown baby born in October 2016. She will be entering our breeding program in 2018. Rogue is out of Hobbit and Zar and is a very type-y girl. She has an amazing tail, tiny ears, a great head and strong, heavy boning. She is almost built like a male. Rogue is a sweet girl who always wants attention and loves love. She is a very nice medium-brown color with black rosettes. We are expecting awesome kittens out of her in the spring!