High Caliber Bengals

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Supreme Grand Champion Bengaland Super Casanova

Nova is a Brown Spotted Tabby out of GCH Sanssouci Arctic Drift of PS Bengals and Bengaland Vanilla Creme Truffles.
He earned his Supreme Grand Champion in Wisconsin in September 2014. Thank you Kim Chenault, for his Best Cat! He finished his points in Marietta, GA the following weekend, with Al Walbrun giving him his last final to qualify.
Nova is now retired from showing in order to enjoy laying around at home being loved and cuddled. Nova has been neutered as of 2016 and while he is no longer an active part of our breeding program, he is still king of the house and is enjoying a life of raising kittens, cuddling Mommy at night, and torturing the dog. His order of preference of those activities depends on whether the dog tried to steal his food on that particular day.

Champion Medoz Masterpiece.
Zar joined us in August 2014 from Donna at Medoz Bengals. Zar is a brown spotted tabby that carries for seal sepia and melanistic. He is incredibly patterned with a super soft pelt, small rounded ears, and a fantastic head type.  He is now an active member of our breeding program, and we look forward to seeing the kittens he produces with our girls!
Akerrs Cataclysm 

Cataclysm joined us in 2016 from Samantha Kerr at Akerrs Bengals. Sami consistently produces some of the best cats in the world, and we are lucky to be working with her. Cataclysm is a very flashy cat with a hot brown color and huge rosettes. He carries for seal sepia and has one of the best personalities we've ever seen. He has been a wonderful addition to our program. Cataclysm will be breeding into 2018, but will be retiring by the fall. 

CH HighCaliber Son of Anarchy

Jax is our first home-grown stud male. He is out of Cataclysm (pictured above) and Hobbit. Jax is currently showing and will be breeding sometime in 2018. He carries for seal sepia. Jax has a wonderful wild expression with whiting around his eyes and chin. His lower jaw is the culmination of more than three years of work on chins and he has a wonderful flow to his head with great backskull and an ideal ear set. His tail is short and thick and he has a long, muscular body. Jax earned his show Champion at eight months of age and will continue to show. We are very hopeful for his future in the show ring and are anxiously waiting to see what kittens he produces. 

*Pictures of Jax by Helmi Flick.