Kitten Sales Contract

This contract is between _________________________________ and Sirena Robinson and Matthew Luczak – hereby known as Buyer and Breeder, respectively.

This agreement concerns the Bengal kitten described below:





Date of Birth:



Sold as: Pet Breeder Show

Total Price: $

Terms of Sale: Payment in full before release of kitten

Breeder guarantees that the above kitten is a purebred Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal kitten with an accurate pedigree, and eligible for registration in THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION, INC (TICA). Breeder further guarantee that, to the best of Breeder’s knowledge, on the adoption date, this animal is free from genetic defects and/or congenital diseases, hereinafter referred to as defects, and is negative for FelV and FIV. This Bengal has at been examined by a licensed veterinarian and found to be in good health. As of the adoption date, this kitten is free from parasites, is in good health, and has a stable temperament. Breeder is not responsible for the effects of mishandling or abuse of the kitten by either the Buyer or a third party after the kitten leaves these premises.

Breeder guarantees this kitten is in good health and recommends that Buyer take kitten to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours for an examination. If that veterinarian discovers a life-threatening or fatal condition, documentation must be submitted to Breeder. Breeder reserves the right to have their veterinarian review any documentation. After the 72 hour period, there are no returns of the kitten. The kitten may not be returned if it has been exposed to another cat unless that cat is proven to be free of parasites and contagious diseases. If the Buyer fails to have the kitten examined within the 72 hour guarantee period, Breeder is not responsible for any health defects excluding proven genetic defects. Breeder does not guarantee against giardia, coccidia, or URIs. Before kittens are released, they receive a fecal exam to clear them for internal parasites.

Buyer guarantees that this animal will be an indoor animal that is not allowed to freely roam outside. This animal will not be confined to a cage smaller than 4x4x3 for any extended period of time with the exception of travel. Under no circumstances will this cat ever be sold, leased, or given away to any pet shop, humane shelter, research facility or the like. If for any reason the Buyer cannot keep the kitten, Breeder shall be given right of first refusal. Should Breeder be unable to buy back the kitten, Breeder will assist Buyer with finding an appropriate third party. The stipulation outlined in this agreement must be impressed upon a future buyer before Breeder would approve the sale.

Buyer agrees that this cat shall not be declawed. If declawed, the cat may exhibit significant changes in temperament and behavior.

Buyer further agrees that this cat will receive all necessary veterinary care, annual vaccinations, and adequate food, water, and grooming as well as human attention. If at any time the cat is found to be abused, malnourished, or neglected, Buyer will surrender the cat to Breeder unconditionally, with no refund of purchase price. If this cat is seized by any humane society, animal shelter, DNR or other similar agency or law enforcement, Buyer shall authorize such agency to release the animal to Breeder. Buyer’s signature on this contract shall constitute authorization for any such agency to release this Bengal to Breeder.

Breeder guarantees this kitten to be in good health upon release from this facility. On ____________ the kittens had a fecal exam negative for all parasites. They have also had no exposure to sewer water or ground water. – Keep in mind, exposure to ground water can be as simple as playing with wet or muddy shoes. This guarantee is also void if Buyer vaccinates the kitten against Feline Leukemia – administering this vaccine can cause a positive result on an FelV test making it impossible to know whether or not the animal actually has the disease. The kittens were vaccinated on ____________ and on ____________ against panleukopenia, calici virus and rhinotracheitis. Drontal was administered on _____________. Advantage multi was administered on __________________.

Breeder guarantees this Bengal against hereditary defects for a period of 2 years. Should this Bengal die or be diagnosed with a condition proven to be hereditary, Breeder will replace this Bengal with a kitten of equal or greater value when available. The Bengal will be replaced with a kitten out of the next litter born. The Breeder has the right to ask for this Bengal to be examined by their veterinarian before agreeing to the replacement, or by a second licensed cardiologist in the case of HCM. If Buyer refuses, Breeder has no further obligation to Buyer. All diagnoses must be received from a licensed veterinarian, or a cardiologist in the case of HCM. In the event of any diagnoses, Breeder reserves the right to directly contact Buyer’s veterinarian. All veterinary reports, blood work, test results, etc, shall be immediately provided to both Breeder and/or Breeder’s veterinarian upon request. No replacement kitten will be provided until and unless all veterinary reports are received and any requested autopsy is completed.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to provide immediate veterinary care should the kitten become injured or ill. All veterinary bills are the responsibility of the Buyer—this includes both preventative care such as exams and vaccines as well as emergent care in the case of illness or injury. Failure to provide either emergent or routine veterinary care will render this contract null and void. Trauma, abuse, or neglect will also void the contract. Under no circumstances will this animal be euthanized due to illness without prior notice to the Breeder. If the animal dies within the guarantee period, a replacement will be provided once an autopsy has determined the cause of death to be due to a genetic issue.

If this Bengal is being purchased as a pet it shall not be bred. The purchase price is for a pet, and while this animal is top quality, it is not being sold as a breeder. The Buyer agrees to alter this animal before 12 months of age. If being purchased as a pet, you will be presented with “Not for Breeding” registration papers upon proof of alteration. Registration will be presented within 14 days of written proof of spay/neuter being received by the Breeder. Breeding nullifies this contract. Any offspring from this kitten will not be able to be registered.

This contract is the full agreement between the parties. It supersedes all prior agreements and cannot be altered except in writing with dated signatures from both parties.

Should any issues arise requiring litigation, the parties agree that litigation shall take place in Jackson County, Ohio. The parties agree to pay for their own attorneys and shall not request litigation fees in any settlement. This agreement is four pages long and signing below is agreement to the entirety of the agreement.

Buyer(s) Name: ________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________


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