About Our Program

At High Caliber Bengals, your satisfaction is our goal. We want every person who purchases a kitten to leave here happy and to come back to us when it's time for another one.

Every kitten that leaves here comes with a 72 hour general health guarantee and a 2 year genetic health guarantee. We work closely with our veterinarian to ensure each kitten is as healthy as possible. All litters receive one set of kitten shots, a vet exam, and at least one fecal exam before being released. We also periodically screen for FELV/FIV and HCM. All of our breeding cats are color tested, PK def and PRA-b tested.

Why us?

We believe that our cats are pets first. They live in our home, sleep in our bed, and play with our child. We're also not afraid to seek the guidance of other breeders we know and trust.

All of our kittens are guaranteed healthy and free from genetic disorders.

We also actively attend shows to keep up with new trends in the breed, how to best ensure breed standard compliance and to make sure we have the best quality Bengals in our program.